Happy Birthday Big Cat!

To our partner in business and our partner in crime (but in a fun way) we say, “Happy, Happy Birthday Greg!”  

Update (4:00 pm) to today’s blog.  This just in from Rogue Brewery, Seattle:

Big Cat getting his free birthday tee from Rogue!

And for those who missed the “No Excuses” video yesterday, be sure to check it out. 

Have a free thinking and free living Friday,



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Big Cat!

  1. Happy Birthday Big Cat, we call him that for a few reasons, one of them is because he likes to wear shirts with cat’s on them.
    He could also be called Big Toe because he keeps us standing tall.
    Have a happy Birthday.

  2. Yeah for Greg’s Birthday. We just read your post and are laughing our **** off. That journal of yours reminds us of some silly crap we all do when we are together!! I love Greg’s big cat on the tee shirt!!

  3. Hey, thanks you guys!!!

    I thought “Big Cat” was inspired by the fact that I’m overlay furry and if you rub my belly my eyes roll back into my head and I make weird purring noises…

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