Sabbath Manifesto

It’s Saturday…

and we’re practicing Unplugging! 

This our second week following the Sabbath Manifesto.  From Friday at sundown to Saturday at sundown we are happily unplugged! 

I won’t say it isn’t a bit of a struggle, last week it took us two days to figure out when we could commit to such a thing (one problem being that I am especially fond of watching movies on Friday nights), but we took the plunge last Friday night and found great peace in an uninterrupted life. 

We do modify the 10 Principles to fit our lives – so the gym Saturday is still on – with iPods in hand.  We are neither Jewish, nor religious, however, the experience of turning off technology and tuning into lives free from distractions was definitely a soulful/spiritual one.

Want to take the unplug challenge with us?  You can even just take the challenge for one day – March 4-5 – on the National Day of Unplugging!

Have a brilliant Saturday and see you Sunday!


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