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3 REALLY Good Reasons to Go Meatless on Mondays

 1)  By going meatless one day a week you reduce  the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as driving 1,000 miles less per year (Weber & Matthews, 2008).

 2)  Less red meat and dairy in your diet is a better way to reduce greenhouse gases than an all-local diet (Weber and Matthews, 2008).

3)  Researchers from the University of Chicago report: “switching to a vegan diet would have a bigger impact than trading in your gas guzzler for a Prius” (taken from The Meat of the Problem – Washington Post)

Think about it…

YOU have the power in your hands to make a difference in our world.  Why not do it? 

Go meatless one day a week – it’s a simple sacrifice in exchange for SO much good.

Plus, the animals will love you for it!

Check out the “The Meat of the Problem” by Ezra Klein for more information on how going meatless can save our planet and don’t forget about the totally awesome Meatless Monday site where you can find helpful articles, fantastic recipes, and the most recent “Greats” joining the Meatless Monday movement.

Have a healthy, happy, and peaceful Monday!


3 thoughts on “3 REALLY Good Reasons to Go Meatless on Mondays

  1. I do go meatless, and I feel great about it, but what I need to do is cut down on the amount of driving that I do. I want to walk and ride my bike to places but it is so cold in St. Louis.

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