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It’s Tuesday – Time to Think

This one should keep you busy for a bit.  Enjoy!



14 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday – Time to Think

  1. You know, this one is easy for me cause I love Hawaii…. it is the sound of the breeze thru the palms there, the sound of the waves in the distant & the sound of peace & contentment when we are there… the smells are amazing too!

    Good workout this morn & even survived the cardio! 😉

  2. Forgive me for this one, but…

    My wife’s breathless voice, while we’re in the throws of a passionate embrace, is my favorite sound on this planet.

  3. I always have a difficult time limiting myself to one thing – so let me do it this way:

    One of my favorite human sounds is when I hear Robbie say, “Mom…”.

    One of my favorite sounds from nature are birds chirping.

  4. Okay I also have a human sound and no it is not Lewis barking at me. My sound is kids outside laughing. My non-human sound is thunder, I was going to say rain but I hear thta almost everyday at this time of the year. I love thunder because it is exciting.

  5. Wow!
    I like silence.
    I like jazz.
    I like the sound of my husband saying my name, and my niece and nephew calling me “Aunt Mary,” and the way my sister calls me “Mare.”

    I also love the sound of my trainer saying, “two more! Come on. You can do it!” 🙂

    Got in Zumba last night, strength training today. Zumba tomorrow, too. Looked at my gold stars for the month of January…I earned 3-4 per week, so I’m finally back on track! Woo-hoo!

    • Mary – your gold stars for January are off the hook! That’s awesome. I am so glad you are completely healthy again. I love the sounds you like to hear – so beautiful.

      I am trying to see if I can get to a Zumba class with Stacy. It’s been such a long time since I have been to a great Zumba class.

  6. One of my favorite sounds “Grandma”. Silence, rain on the roof (I know Dana, everyone says that) But most of all silence in a few areas of my life right now… I love them all.

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