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Combat Snack Attacks

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Need a fabulous snack? 

You can satisfy your cravings for only 150 calories by snacking on:

Strawberries with Chocolate Sauce

1 cup strawberries drizzled with 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup.  So easy.  So good.  This almost looks like a dessert to me.

There was a time when I did not believe in snacks. 

I thought snacking between meals just added needless calories, but last year, as part of our 365 Day Odyssey to get fit and fabulous, I changed my thinking about snacks.  I began to take a Luna Bar to work with me to eat in the afternoons to combat the hunger I feel every day between 2-4 pm.x

It worked.

This small change made a big difference.  My afternoon Luna Bar makes me happy (we all know hunger and emotions can go hand in hand), has some nutritional benefits, i.e., it is a lot better than eating snacks from the vending machine (or from the candy stashes that seem to lurk in my office), and it tastes good.

The result of this one change is:
  • I eat less for dinner
  • I “graze” less when I arrive home from work
  • I no longer get headaches in the afternoon 
If you have been resisting snacks, or just need something new in your snack repertoire, I highly recommend something that makes you happy, something that is at least partially good for you, and something low in calories.  Eating carrot sticks or celery doesn’t do it for me, but a Luna Bar or a snack like the strawberries and chocolate sauce (I promise to carefully measure out the chocolate sauce to exactly 2 Tbsp!) does.
If you need other low calorie snack ideasFitness: 30 Low-Calorie Snacks (which is where I got the strawberries and chocolate idea) has some creative suggestions.
Bon appetit!

P.S.  The Luna Bar site is really nice.  If you haven’t checked it out before you should do so.  They have one section called “Who Inspires You” – it is really well done.


12 thoughts on “Combat Snack Attacks

  1. I eat lots of mini meals so I guess that is snacking.. since I eat 5-6 BUT I then break up a couple of the mini meals into even smaller ones which helps me make it thru the day well! Like your ideas & I do like Luna bars too!

    Great workout this morn.. been a good week & ready for a couple rest days!

    • I also like the idea of 5-6 mini meals. In some ways, I think I have been leaning towards the mini meals because instead of eating a full sandwich, I eat half, and then a bit later some cut-up apples, and then my Luna Bar, and then 2 handsful of peanuts (that’s my grazing food). Not denying myself food, and making it something I like really has made a difference :).

      I am glad you had such a good workout week. Enjoy your rest.

  2. When I was in college and trying to drop weight I would avoid snacks. Soon I learned that I needed them and now they’re just a staple in my life. Loving the chocolate strawberries idea.


    ps we are 27 days into the month and I am still meatless!!! Well I eat fish sometimes and eggs but i`m working on it.

    • Hi Erica! 27 days without meat – that makes my heart sing. Congrats on setting a goal and meeting it. Maybe you were one of the inspirations for Dana telling me the other day that her family (carnivores to the bone :)) is going to go meatless 3 days a week (that is a lot for them). I am so excited about all this because I think it is catching on. Yippee!

      Isn’t it funny how we avoid the very thing we actually need to eat right (it took me a loooong time to get it – you – at least – got it right away!.

      Yeah, the chocolate and strawberries – YUM…the pita with peas and hummus (also one of the Fitness suggestions – not so much so).

    • Hi Erica, I was just thinking about you this morning and then you posted!! So wierd. Good to hear from you. Congrats on your meatless days!

  3. Luna and Clif both come in 100 calorie mini bars, too! I have a bowl in my office full of apples and mini Clifs, so I reach for that instead of the vending machine. More nutrients, more filling, fewer calories. I like apples and clif bars honestly are very tasty, so no sacrifice.

  4. Something that has help Greg and me lately is cutting up cucumbers, cauliflower and broccoli and having it readily accessible. I put them on the counter after our first workout then watch them disappear.

  5. Just got back from the gym. Second day in a row. It feels good to feel good again. I also think it is funny that I haven’t yet figured out then when I start not wanted to go to the gym and find that I am struggling through every workout that perhaps it’s not because I’m lazy or getting sluggish, but instead because I am sick. Go figure :).

    I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill at 2.0 incline, 5.0 speed) and then walked .25 miles at 10 incline, 3.5 speed), then abs.

  6. The gym was great today, my third day in a row, and on Monday I walked all over town for about three hours, so that was a semi exercise day.

    I like snacks, I either snack on apples or Cliff Bars, the best place that I have found to get Cliff Bars is at Trader Joe’s, they only cost .99 cents.

  7. I like the strawberry and choclate idea, you know how much I love Choc.
    Been running all morning, now ready to sit down and rest for awhile. See ya. M.

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