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My Better Is Better Than Your Better

It’s Friday, so check it out, here’s a video that will make you do whatever you do better.

After watching this I want to run, jump, play, workout…do everything just that much better and faster…than you.

Go Get Your Attitude and Sassy On!

P.S.  On Fridays we practice the Sabbath Manifesto (which means we “unplug” from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday), so I’ll see you again on Sunday.


6 thoughts on “My Better Is Better Than Your Better

  1. I am at Starbucks waiting to start work at TJ’s, so I can not watch the video, but I will watch it as soon as I get home.

    I am sure that I will like it, because it seems to be motivational, and makes you want to be better.

    Today no exercise, but I did exercise the last 4 days, slept a little bit to late today, working two jobs is starting to make me tired.

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  3. Today is my day off from the gym (per my work schedule), which is too bad because I really feel like working out! Anyway, it makes me look forward to going to the gym tomorrow. I am signed up to do a boot camp at noon at 24 Hour Fitness. It is being touted as a boot camp that is like no other. Revolutionary in its approach. I will let you know. I hope everyone has a great Friday – the sun is shining so brightly here today that it makes it look almost warm outside :).

  4. Love the video..only one problem, I went to the gym looking for a fight!! You know I really didn’t fight but I felt mean(in a good way).

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