Okay, so that isn’t me holding the sign, because I am still too sick to even think about taking a picture of me holding a sign saying “I’m out sick”. 

So, I am allowing the image to do my work for me.


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  1. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! Feel better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REST!

    Finished off the week & ready for rest days! Lots of DOMS!!! 😉

    PS: Kept forgetting to ask you guys if you saw the Oprah show on members of her staff going vegetarian & also the meat facility tour Lisa Lin took along with lots of other interesting stuff!

    • We did watch it, and it was crazy how much weight they all lost. I did notice that her staff, except for a few, could use some diet changes and some exercise.

      I saw the video, it was a video like that one, that pushed me to stop eating animals about 25 years ago.

  2. Yes she is out sick, and I am talking big time sick. Think of this, it is like having the worst poison ivy rash, but having it over your whole body, and add in a 103 fever.

    I think she is turning the corner.

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