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There’s still a chill in the air…

Winter in the French District, Saint Louis

Robbie, our son, took this picture while wandering around Soulard (one of the historic (mid-1800s) parts of our city; takes it name from Antoine Soulard who surveyed the area for Spain in the days of yore)  yesterday (he was waiting for his favorite Pub (ITAP – International Tap House) to open.  Robbie’s picture captures the French flavor of our city and also our current frozen state of nature.  It’s so cold here – “How cold is it?” you ask – it’s so cold that we literally have about a 4 inch sheet of ice that currently makes up our entire driveway and walking out the door presents, to a person so bold, a constant state of peril :). 

Today, however, we are in for 48 degree temps (according to the meteorologists and they better not be wrong).  We hope to do some thawing out.  Maybe a Pub would be a good place to start.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, do it well today and enjoy!


5 thoughts on “There’s still a chill in the air…

  1. Yes, Jody, you definitely deserve your rest days!

    We just got back from the gym. Feeling a bit stronger today. Good news is that I am at 134.5 (I haven’t seen this number for soooooooo many years that I almost didn’t recognize it). Yay!

    After treadmill I did sit-ups and push-ups trying to get my strength back up.

  2. Hey I have that exact picture. It is so pretty there altho, it looks cold. Sure would have liked to join them at the pub.

    Today was my second day of walking again at the park. Still can’t go the full thing, but I’ll take at least half of it right now. My foot is almost better.

    Hope all of you are having a great weekend.

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