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Do I hear bells?

Of course I am talking about kettlebells!

Sadly, I missed Biggest Loser last night because I was in class (nothing else could have kept me away).  In lieu of a BL update, here’s Bob with the proper way to do a kettlebell deadlift and a health boost.  Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bob Harper’s 10-day Health Boost a place for good information and tips and where you can also calculate your Health Footprint.  It’s a lot of fun.  I will share my Health Footprint number in the comments :).

Think healthy, live healthy!


7 thoughts on “Do I hear bells?

  1. My health footprint # 13,363, and I did not make anything up.

    Today we went outside for a run, the ice is melting in St. Louis and it is getting warm.

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  3. My healthprint number doesn’t exist! Bob needs to come up with a formula for Canadians; we don’t have zipcodes and I couldn’t get any further!

  4. Oh, Cynthia, that is funny! Our poor neighbors to the north :). If you want to use our zipcode it’s 63126, then at least you can see where you stand.

    Jimmy is correct, my healthprint number is better than his health print number (my better is better than your better). Mine was 3951. Having said that, I lost a lot of points for three things:
    1. I hate the dentist and I haven’t been for many, many, many moons (Jody, when you tell us you have to go to the dentist, it just kills me).
    2. I hate the doctor. I only go when I absolutely have to, which is why I ended ruining my entire January. I didn’t go to the doctor when I was should have – I tried to cure myself – I tried to cut corners by going to a “take care clinic” and I ended up almost killing myself!
    3. I answered that on the weeknds I might have 3 drinks in a row – which I honestly don’t think is too much because it might be 2-3 awesome microbrews or 3 glasses of wine.

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