You’re Perfect Just the Way You Are

Cartoon by Natalie Dee - So good at capturing the essence of life.


I hope you like our new blog format.  WordPress.com is now offering premium themes and I just couldn’t resist!  Love, love, love wordpress.com.

Enjoy your Sunday and think about the cartoon.


3 thoughts on “You’re Perfect Just the Way You Are

  1. I noticed your new format yesterday! COOL!

    Ah, YES, that cartoon definitely makes one think & we should all pay attention to what it says!

    Great jog this morn. A chill 41 degrees here BUT after the rain, OMG! Clear as a bell & it was cold so the mountains – I could see the whole range & all the way down to the bottom & ALL OF IT covered with snow. I think the most beautiful I have seen in years!!!

  2. Love the format! I’m giving my blog a facelift soon too – can’t wait!

    I’ve been so tied up with work and so behind in blogging this month. Running is still great – better without the wind!

    Have fun doing the Brass Monkey!

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