Thought Provoking

Time to Provoke Your Thoughts


I cannot wait to hear your answers.

Have a thoughtful and thankful day!


6 thoughts on “Time to Provoke Your Thoughts

  1. VERY HARD! I think anything that went against my deep down morals. I have worked at places that ask you to do things that go against it & I don’t & I get in trouble! 😉

    Good workout this morn!

  2. Nobody could pay me any amount of money to be a storm chaser. I am deathly afraid of lightning and any type of weather that falls under the category of natural disaster(obviously).

  3. Okay, I liked all of your answers even more than I thought I would! I guess I would do this if I absolutely had to, but I would never want to be a phone sales person (I hate calling people), I would never want to be a doctor (I don’t like to even pull slivers from people’s fingers because it hurts them), I would never, ever, ever work in meatpacking plant. I also agree with Pancho, I would never be a torturer.

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