A Yoga Sequence You Will Love

FitSugar did us a wonderful favor – she posted a Lower Body Yoga Sequence with pictures, a slideshow, and a printable pdf of the entire sequence so that we can all learn how to do the moves.  I have only done yoga once, maybe twice in my lifetime, but I always wanted to give it a whirl.  Now I can.  Thanks FitSugar!

If doing all 9 of the moves feels a bit overwhelming, just learn the first one or two or three — whatever feels comfortable.  It’s not a race and no one’s judging you, so give it a try and enjoy yourself.  Just breathe.

FitSugar Lower Body Yoga Sequence

FitSugar Lower Body Yoga Sequence

Image from FitSugar

This dynamic yoga sequence flows between basic standing poses that target your legs and booty while working your core and arms. Complete all nine poses on the right side first, and then repeat on the left. ~FitSugar

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5 thoughts on “A Yoga Sequence You Will Love

  1. Love this! I have never done yoga although some of my stretches that I do resemble yoga poses. I am going to try this! Important at any age but especially as we age to stay limber & can add this to my stretching routine! THX!

    Finished off the week good & ready for rest days! 🙂

  2. I am going to try this, I keep on saying that I am going to try Yoga, but I never do, and I do need help with my streching. I will not try this today because I have not been feeling that great the last few day’s and today I need to go to my other job at TJ’s for the first of 8 day’s in a row, and I do not want to miss any of them.

    • Sorry you are not feeling well Jimmy. Greg and I are doing taxes and it is making us not feel well either..because we are so far behind on stuff 🙂 ( our own fault )

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