god bless america

I actually had a conversation with Jimmy just last night that was very similar to this…we got home from work and class at 9:30, we were starving, we decided to have Trader Joe’s microwavable mac n’ cheese with veggie chili (you know, like chili mac), and yes, I do know this was a terribly irresponsible decision, but we were just sooooooooo hungry!  Anyway, when Jimmy told me the “easy” mac n’ cheese was going to take 6 minutes I had a bit of meltdown – somewhat like the cartoon here :).

Saturdays – you gotta’ love them.  Enjoy yours wherever you are and whatever you do!


3 thoughts on “Macaroni

  1. It did take a bit long but it sure was good, yesterday when we got home at 11:00pm from work we only had apples, pears, and I had a few beers.

    What does the number 30 mean to you well for me it represents 30 pounds lost, yes I am at 180 strong pounds.

    Off to the gym, and off to TJ’s.

  2. OMG, that cartoon sounds like me – I want the cooking to be EASY! 🙂

    Rest day with COLD weather here for us. Actually will be 40’s & low 50’s for DAY temps! Might be as low as 35 tomorrow morn for my run.. YIKES!

  3. Oh, I have many easy nights: leftovers or hotdogs because there are nights I have to quickly get food into LI before he falls asleep. I am the Queen of Leftovers!

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