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Thought Provoking Tuesday


This should provoke some thoughts and bring some interesting answers.

Have a thoughtful Tuesday,


9 thoughts on “Thought Provoking Tuesday

  1. Okay, you thought this was going to be hard, but not for me. I am blonde, come on, you all know the jokes. This is not as serious as other sterotyping, so I am grateful for that.Love this question!

  2. I love Tuesdays. I think you should make two days a week thought provoking days, or maybe not, it makes my brain tired to think that much.

    My sterotyping was that I did not work outside of our home. So of course meeting people who did, would always have the same reaction, “Oh you dont work” and then turning away to speak to someone else, like I was not interesting enough. All of you Mothers know that there is always something interesting going on at home with kids…

    Love this post Karma, and we all know that blondes have more fun Dana and we are all pretty smart or we would not know where to go to get the bottle of blonde!!!

    • That was such a good, but sad answer, momb. I know you and many, many, many women feel this way. Only someone who stays at whom knows how much smarter you have to be to stay home and raise kids than go to work – work it easy.

      By the way, we all thought you were the smartest person in the world. We still do. Just think about it – who do we call when we have a question.

      Glad you like the Tuesday posts. Let’s think about whether we should do another thought provoking post each week.

  3. I was pulled over one time on my way to work at about 4:00am, I was in our 68VW Bus with CA plates, this took place in St. Louis, and I had long hair. When the Officer came up to the window he asked me a range of questions like where was I coming from at this hour, and why am I in St. Louis. When he noticed that I had not been drinking and was on my way to work he decided to give me a ticket for speeding, he said that I was going 65 in a 55,remember I was driving a 68VW Bus and I was going up a hill. When I went to court I told the Judge that if anyone in the court could make my Bus go 65 that I would pay the ticket, he let me go.

    • Religion and size – a double whammy for us as we grow up. For us, it was because we weren’t church going Mormons in a city/state that was all Mormons that stereotyped us. And, as we all know, if you happen to vary from what kids consider “normal” it’s just one big problem.

  4. Jimmy and I just (10 pm) got home from work and school. Yikes! This is getting to be a habit – a bad one. Anyway, I was steretyped as dumb because (a) I had blonde hair; (b) I could be exceptionally silly and pretty much laughed all the time; and (c) I wasn’t very serious. I didn’t really realize it was a problem until I was in college and someone said something to the effect that, “well, of course you won’t be able to do it, you’re the typical dumb blonde.” Funny thing is, I was shocked to hear it :).

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