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Haiku anyone?

Yes, you have reached the correct site.  As we go into the weekend I thought it might be fun, and good for us, to try our hand (and minds) at a little haiku —

fitness haiku

an unknown genre of haiku that I just made up :).

Now before you begin telling yourself things like…I can’t do poetry, I can’t write a haiku, this will be too hard, I don’t have time…

stop, slowdown, take a breath.

Over the weekend, while you are walking, running (on the treadmill or outside), lifting weights, biking, stretching, or just sitting, take some time to jot down a few lines of haiku related to some aspect of fitness.

It doesn’t have to be the best haiku ever written or known to humans.

All you have to do is to feel, think, and then write 3 lines with the following pattern:

first line 5 syllables
second line 7 syllables
third line 5 syllables

Haikus can be strictly written with the 17 syllable limit in mind, but if you find that your piece sounds better with one less syllable (or two, or whatever), then be free and make it so.  Here is one of Matsuo Basho’s haikus that I find especially wonderful:

The temple bell stops
but I still hear the sound coming
out of the flowers

There are plenty of examples of haikus on the internet (some will have 3 syllables in the first line – depending on the translation – others will follow the 17 syllable pattern – many will be about nature.  Let’s post our haikus in Monday’s comments.  If you are not into haikus, no worries.

Happy Friday, happy haiku writing!

3 thoughts on “Haiku anyone?

  1. Brings back some memories of having to do this in school.. really! I did! Well, not sure I will do this for Monday since I have a busy weekend ahead but I will try to think about it! 🙂

    Rest day here & the bod needs it!

    • Oh, Jimmy…first of all you are supposed to post this on Monday and your second line has a million syllables in it! Of course all this is perfectly fine and I loved your haiku. I am guessing that this haiku was based on personal experience?

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