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Saturday Funnies…at least I think it’s funny.

This totally goes with our “write a fitness haiku” theme and I couldn’t resist it.  By the way, there is still time for you to compose your own fitness haiku and post in the comments on Monday :).  The other reason I loved this cartoon so much is that speaking only in haikus is something I wouldsuggest to my friends and family just to keep things interesting!

Have a special Saturday,


5 thoughts on “Saturday Funnies…at least I think it’s funny.

  1. Jimmy tried to post before he left for TJs, but, as is often the case he started to run late and hit the cancel instead of submit button so I am posting for him.

    We finally got to the gym this week. It was an unplanned week off from the gym because of too much work, however, today we felt pretty, pretty, pretty good.

    We both did a 5k on the treadmill, then abs afterwards. Jimmy was writing another haiku in his head on the way home from the gym :).

  2. Love the haiku idea. I’ll have to turn on my brain tomorrow to put one together. Skipper likely will too (he loves writing poetry).

    Hope you’re having a great weekend.

    • I actually thought you and Skipper might enjoy this activity, but I know how busy you are and wasn’t sure if you would have time. We will be looking forward to it :).

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