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Wheaties…Breakfast of Champions?

It’s Monday. and even better than that, it’s Meatless Monday.  Given that Mondays can be tough for some people, and given that Monday is one of my favorite days because Mondays are full of new beginnings, I will make the complaint I have about Wheaties (yes, the cereal, or at least, the company that makes the cereal) into a tiny rant, short and sweet, rather than long and full of bitterness :).

Dear Wheaties,

I understand that you want to create a new market for your cereal and what better way to do so than hiring great athletes to help promote your message.  The problem is that when you assembled your “team of great athletes” to help create your new cereal prototype for the Wheaties’ Fuel campaign you forgot to include any one of the many great female athletes from whom you have to draw.  Really Wheaties?  Really?! 

There is no denying that you chose some legendary athletes (Peyton Manning, Kevin Garnett, Albert Pujols, Bryan Clay, and Hunter Kemper), but perhaps the world has passed you by because you failed to notice any number of damn good female athletes: Mia Hamm, Maria Sharapova, the Williams Sisters, Danika Patrick, Lisa Leslie, Julia Mancuso, Michelle Wie, and Michelle Kwan, to name just a few, as possibilities for your “team”.

Of course, perhaps you don’t think females eat Wheaties or buy cereal, which would explain your oversight.

Maybe, if I really give you the benefit of the doubt, you have another team of great athletes assembled and this time it includes at least one of our many female champions.

Most sincerely,

Karma (one of many strong female athletes)

Okay, we (I) can move on now…

It’s Meatless Monday and we have a simple and inexpensive breakfast idea…something to change things up in the morning hour.

Devon, who works at the Trader Joe’s Creve Coeur store, suggested we try an egg on top of the Trader Joe’s Vegetable Masala Burger.  Devon’s idea sounded a little crazy to us so he pointed out that the  Masala “burgers” are primarily made from potatoes and also have carrots, green beans, bread crumbs, bell peppers, and onions (as well as Masala spices).  Knowing the ingredients made it a little easier for us to give it a whirl.

Jimmy followed the directions on the box.  He cooked the patties in a little olive oil cooking spray in a skillet, 4 minutes per side.  He removed the patties and then fried two eggs in the same skillet.  He put the fried eggs on top of the Masala patties.  They were really good.  It was like eating eggs on hash brown patties, but  patties with a Asian Indian flair. 

If you are feeling a little adventurous at breakfast time, give it a try.

Have a peaceful Meatless Monday,


9 thoughts on “Wheaties…Breakfast of Champions?

  1. Besides being Meatless Monday, it’s also time to post our fitness themed haikus. Don’t be shy about posting. This is supposed to fun while challenging our brains and senses a little. No worries if your haiku doesn’t exactly fit the 5-7-5 pattern because who cares! Haikus comes in many shapes and sizes, just like us.

    Fitness Haiku #1

    resisting the gym
    is like fighting for peace
    it just doesn’t work

  2. The Masala Burger with an egg on top is great.

    The Wheaties thing, all I have to say is that was so stupid of them not to include any Female Athletes.

    Exercise to live
    Exercise to live your life
    Exercise live long

  3. I am back!! Yes, Greg’s family was in town and I have been very busy entertaining. Today I am very bust catching up on everything else that falls apart when you ignore daily routines, exercise, laundry ect…I will post my poem later today.Love the idea

  4. Wheaties get soggy anyway. Cheerios are much better.

    Exercise walking
    Attempting to try again
    Still cannot go far…

    I can at least walk a whole lot more and with less pain with the orthotic.

  5. Rarely do we see athletic women marketing cereal – unless it’s during winter Olympics and there are a lot of skaters to draw from. I’d love to see more girl power on the boxes.

    Haiku coming later tonight.

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