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Here’s what you asked for…

another thought provoking Tuesday post.

If you don’t drive home from work, then think about what you think about when you are driving to some other destination, or riding the train (metro), or riding your bike, or walking home.

Happy Tuesday!


7 thoughts on “Here’s what you asked for…

  1. When I was working, what I thought about on the way home s way different from what I think about when I am driving for another reason but to get home from work! 😉 No need to elaborate there – I was just happy to be going home & away from work!

    Other driving situations can range from I am going to go crazy with all this traffic to just enjoying the ride! 🙂

  2. That all depends on where I am working. When I worked at SWA, in Chicago my rde home was on a plane,and I would think about a few things, how much beer can I drink on a 45 minute flight, how can I get out of Chicago and get my life back in order, and I would read and try to escape.

    When I am working at Inperspire Fitness Towels I think about what can I do to increase our business, and how great it will be when working at Inperspire is my only full time job.

    When I am coming home from Trader Joe’s I am relaxed and tired, I just chill and listen to either NPR or some good music.

  3. When I use to work, I thought about how am I going to get my house clean,get to the grocery store,dinner made, take care of Inperspire, take care of all my families needs, take care of my needs and still try to workout!! Man that was a stressful trip, now that I look back 🙂

    Still working on taxes, Greg is way to organized.

  4. If it’s a short trip, I like Dana think of everything that needs to be done at home.

    Sometimes I think how lucky we are to be able to get where we want to go in such a short period of time.

    Today is beautiful. Blue skies with 15 inches of fresh snow in our yard. The mountains got huge amount.

    Have fun today. M.

    • We will see how beautiful snow is on the next April or May..hahah.oh nevermind, I forgot you won’t be there.

  5. Very interesting responses. Nowadays, Jimmy and I often drive together so rather than think we talk about our days. When I do drive alone, I often think about the people in the other cars. When I see them sitting at lights, or driving past me, or talking on the phone, I think, “That person has a life with kids/family/friends/co-workers, troubles, goodtimes, etc., just like mine and I don’t even know about it – and they don’t know about mine.” Sometimes this puts my life into perspective, sometimes it just makes me feel creepy :).

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