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You asked for it…Workout Wednesday

Jennifer Galardi

Want a good workout that will make your tush and legs say, “thank you”? 

You have to try the Ballet Strength Workout with Jennifer Galardi (it’s free through Exercise TV). 

I tried this workout on Saturday.  Jimmy and I had just finished one of Leslie Sansone’s walking workouts (again, free on Exercise TV) and I felt so good.  We were definitely sweating — Jimmy had added weights to the workout and I did some of the moves at a higher intensity.

I wanted to do more!  That’s when I saw Galardi’s Ballet Strength workout.  I loved it from beginning to end.  Galardi is a great instructor, looks beautiful and fit, and has incorporated exercises in this workout that anyone can do – whether you are a prima ballerina or a little bit “klutzy” – these moves are totally doable.

If you are already thinking, I can’t do ballet, banish those thoughts. 

You CAN do this workout.  Get out of your comfort zone and give it a try.  Your booty will say thank you! 

Have a wildly wonderful Wednesday,


10 thoughts on “You asked for it…Workout Wednesday

  1. I took ballet, toe & tap as a kid. It definitely is a great leg & tush workout! 🙂 Will check that link out later after some sleep!

    Did have a great weight workout this morn. Cardio, I survived… 😉

  2. Any kind of dance is a great workout. I think one of the things we keep forgetting is it is not what you do that matters but how well you do it.
    Where do you always find these great links?

    • Hey Cynthia – I wish I could dance all day long, sigh! Carolyn told me about Exercise TV and then I couldn’t resist looking at some of the videos and that’s how I found the ballet strength workout. I was especially happy that it was something I could do!

  3. I’ll be working out in my office later — the electricity was off this morning, which definitely put a damper on my regular morning routine, but I will not let that derail me! I have been doing at least three miles almost every weekday and I am SO proud of myself.

  4. I will be doing this today because it is just to dark and rainy to even leave the house.

    Good job on the mileage, Carolyn!

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