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Are you an Apple or a Pear…Neither!

I’m a Botticelli or maybe a Rembrandt…

Women in Australia are denouncing the practice of referring to women’s body shapes as apples or pears.  Why compare a woman’s shape to an inanimate object?  There is a new movement underway to describe women’s body types by referring to celebrated artists (think Ruben, Matisse, Da Vinci) who have drawn women of all shapes and sizes throughout history.  Check out the video to see what’s going on: 

Yay for the Aussie’s!  I love it…so much better than being referred to as a pear! 

Here are the new categories:

Used to be: Inverted triangle
Shape: Bigger up top with broad shoulders and/or buxom bust and a comparatively smaller waist and hips

Used to be: Apple
Shape: Well-proportioned and carry weight around the midsection

Used to be: Banana or straight
Shape: Features classic lines, pretty much straight up and down, giving an elegant form

Used to be: Pear
Shape: Bottom heavy, bigger around the hips and bottom than the bust region

Used to be: Hourglass
Shape: A smaller waist with a fuller bust and bottom.

Shape: Narrow shoulders and hips, you may have a wider midriff and carry some weight in your upper legs

Thinking of myself as a Rembrandt is just so nice!

Have a thoroughly lovely Thursday,


7 thoughts on “Are you an Apple or a Pear…Neither!

  1. Used to be kind of a banana, from lack of exercise I am now a big plump..opps I mean plum.

    Oh well, I did get some walking in this a.m. around the park. Better than yesterday so I’m making progress.

    Have a great Thursday everone. M.

    • You are not a plum, you are a Da Vinci, and if not a Da Vinci, let’s just say you are a work of art…a masterpiece! You’ve got to try that walking video. You are going to love it.

  2. Like Jody, I never fit easily into the “fruit” categories. I think I am a Rembrandt, which just sounds so lovely when you think about it and so much better than hourglass or anything of the sort.

    We did the Sansone walking video (adding weights and high intensity moves to some parts) and then I did the Galardi ballet strength video. I feel awesome.

  3. At one time I thought I was a Kiwi, but now I am a Da Vinci. Wokout video and weights with pushups, now off to the P.O. and TJ,s. Have a good day.

  4. What a boring place if we were all fruits, it would be better if there was a bit of fruitcake in all of us. Love this post, I do believe we are all a beautiful works of art on this palnet and it would be boring if we were all the same!!

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