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You’re going to love this…

Today’s Workout Wednesday involves playing cards.  Yes, playing cards. 

Billy Blanks Jr. has given us a workout that will kick your behind, in just a few minutes.  Are you up for it?  The workout is called “Oh, my legs!” and comes to us via Exercise TV

Oh, my legs!

Have fun!  Challenge Yourself!

Workout like you mean it,


5 thoughts on “You’re going to love this…

  1. I am excited about doing this, yesterday I did a few just to see what it was like, and I think that it will be a good workout. Sunny and 70 in St. Louis today, so we are headed to the park for some outside exercise.

    • Yes, Jimmy did love this squat extravaganza and was very proud that he was able to do these plie squats, which he could not do in the “Days of Yore”.

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