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What we need is…

more balance in our lives.

A sentence often uttered in our house is: “We need to work on our balance.” 

Sometimes we mean this in the sense that our work/fitness/personal lives our out of whack and we need to “fix ourselves”.

Othertimes, we mean it more literally, we really need to work on our balance because we find ourselves losing our balance (tipping to one side or another – and this is prior to any beer or wine consumption) more often.   

Jody (Truth to Being Fit) posted this wonderful ACE training video to help us.  We needed a balance rescue and now we have it! 

Have a beautiful Saturday and may you find the balance you need to live a healthy and happy life!


3 thoughts on “What we need is…

  1. Your welcome Jody :). Thank you for always posting such helpful workout/health tips!

    Honestly, Jimmy really are working on our balance and this video is the perfect way to get started and challenge yourself.

    Today we did a workout video, plus weights, and push ups. It felt good. I have been struggling just a big with a slight hamstring pull so it helped to stay indoors and not run the hills.

  2. Yes, I do need to work on my balance in all parts of my life, every thing is about balance. I try to balance two jobs, keeping my house up, and exercise, and ometimes I have a few beers and I work hard to keep my balance.

    Have a balanced weekend, I will balance mine with work, exercise, cooking, and maybe a beer or two.

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