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Signs of Spring…

the robin.  Oops, not that Robin this robin…

Happy Spring!  Today is the Vernal Equinox – the day in March when the sun’s light is directly over the earth’s equator and day and night all over the world are approximately equal in length. 
The signs of spring are everywhere, one of the first signs we see in St. Louis are the jonquil leaves pushing up through the earth, followed soon after by the forsythia.  Of course the birds have heralded spring well ahead of any of the plants and flowers.
Check out these beautiful bird calls/songs at Cornell Lab of Ornithology or Exploratorium.  You can choose different birds to listen to, which I spent a lot of time doing and it nearly drove our cats crazy!  Listening to the birds sing will surely get you in the mood for spring, if you are not already there.  We hear Song Sparrows, Robins, Cardinals (the birds, not the Catholic kind), Wrens (House and Carolina), and Chickadees, among others.  What is your favorite bird call/song?


Last year I posted a “Signs of Spring” worksheet that I love.  In fact I love it so much that I am going to post it again (just click on the worksheet image and it will take you to the full worksheet).  Take it outside and mark down the signs of spring!

Remember, spring is a time to spring back, to rebound, to leap forward!  Close your eyes and feel a renewed sense of purpose.

Spring has sprung – enjoy it!

8 thoughts on “Signs of Spring…

  1. Love your spring worksheet! Thank you for posting it again!

    Came across this great info and dancing and wanted to share!

    A 21-year study of senior citizens, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that frequent dancing offered the greatest protection against dementia—a phenomenal 76% reduction in risk as compared to other physical activities like golf.

    Happy Sunday!

    • Hi Mary! Happy Spring to you too! We were in K-wood the other day and saw one of the beautiful butterflies, which, of course, made us think of you :).

      Thanks for sharing the dancing info — I can see exactly why that is true. I wish we could all dance more!

      X’s & O’s!

  2. I Love Spring, and we have a Spring day in St. Louis today, mid 70’s and sunny. I think that today will be a good day fo some outside exercise.

  3. Thx so much for posting this cool spring worksheet & just wish spring was starting here today. I big rain storm blowing in & due here in the next couple hours & will last on & off thru the next few days. Hoping they are wrong about that but have to plan… 🙂

    I got out before it & had a good Sunday run!

    I am leaping forward out of my comfort zone & hope to have a video post about it this week if it all works out… if not, next week.

    • I can’t wait to see the video post! Jimmy just said he saw that LA has a 100% chance of rain…hmmmm…do you think it will happen?! Glad you got your run in.

  4. I know it is Spring because my allergies just strated about three days ago! It is worth it just to hear the frogs and birds sing..Thanks for the great Spring post!

  5. I loved this Spring post, espically the birds singing. Our Dano (dog) went crazy when I turned up the sound. He even tried to sit in my lap (103 lbs) him, not me. Then continued to bark, while looking for all the birds in the trees outside. I am going to listen to a few more birds on the site, so could be a interesting afternoon.

    Wish it was more Spring like here also. Had about an 1″ of snow this a.m.
    Those that can enjoy the sunshine today, ENJOY. Momb

  6. Had another great 5k walk/run today. I kept asking Jimmy if he could identify which bird was singing while we were out :). Afterwards we did raked leaves for about 3 hours. Love it.

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