Meatless Monday

Pi R Squared…

and sometimes round :). 

On this beautiful Meatless Monday we could think of nothing better than to give you the 411, or, in this case, the 3.14, on the great pizza pie from the Pi Pizzeria (St. Louis).

Beer at the Pi (photo by Karma)

We are huge fans of the Pi (all locations). 

If the Pi sounds familiar, you might be thinking about the Obama – Pi connection.  President Obama found their famous cornmeal crust pizza so delicious he had the Pi kitchen staff come to the White House to make it for the family.  ‘Yup’ it’s that good.

We love the Pi for all sorts of reasons…their salads are fabulous, their servers and staff are always friendly, and their beer selection rocks (I love good microbrews on tap and the Pi never disappoints), but of course, it’s really ALL about the pizza.

While we typically order the Western Addition deep dish (cornmeal crust) which has mozzarella, spinach blended with ricotta and feta, mushrooms, onions, and garlic (we go sans garlic), this night we decided to try the Vegan Pi pizza.  We had heard some good things about it, and, since we are going vegan three days a week as part of our New Year’s resolution, we decided to be adventurous.  Of course, adventurers always have a backup plan so we also ordered our usual.

Vegan Pi at the Pi (photo by Karma)

Our bartender/server Roxanne was very knowledgeable about the vegan pizza and gave us her recommendation: Berkeley thin crust vegan pi (mozzarella, portobella mushrooms, onions, kalamata olives, red bell peppers, garlic (again, sans the garlic), and zucchini. 

So what did we think?  We didn’t need our backup plan. 

It turns out that the vegan pizza we were fairly sure would be a bit hinky, was just the opposite…it was awesome.

I would order it again, and again, and again.

So the moral of this story is…going vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean you need to settle for less, au contraire, you can have your cake, or in this case, Pi, and eat it too.

It’s nice we can eat consciously and enjoy our food all at the same time.  Our thanks to the Pi for offering the best of what St. Louis has to offer and doing it so well.

For those of you without a Pi Pizzeria, give a vegan or vegetarian choice a chance at your favorite restaurant (you can always have a backup plan).

On that note, I guess I can only end with…All we are saying is give vegan/vegetarian a chance :).

Have a beautiful, Meatless Monday.


4 thoughts on “Pi R Squared…

  1. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that cornmeal crust sounds amazing!!! I don’t eat pizza due to the cheese but Pizza Kitchen makes cheeseless.. it is just kind of expensive…

    The vegetarian one sounds great!

    OK, yes, good weight workout!

  2. the 3.14’s vegan pizza really is worth a try – you will not be disappointed.

    Today is a day off exercise for us, however, it is so beautiful in the Lou today that it is hard to stay inside and work!

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