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It’s time…

to provoke your thoughts.  Put your thinking caps on!

While your doing your thinking, and I am looking forward to hearing your answers, be sure to check out Valerie Latona’s new website at  Valerie, who spent many years at the helm of Shape Magazine, inspiring us to live better lives, has gone on to make her own best life.  Through her website and blog: Staying Slim, Sculpted & Sane, we  can continue to learn from and enjoy her best advice and tips.  Thanks Valerie!   

Enjoy the day…be free in your thinking…and…workout like you mean it!  


6 thoughts on “It’s time…

  1. Will check out Valarie’s site!!!!

    Love that pic! A feel good pic!

    My best friends are my best friends because they accept me for me, both the good & the not so good! 🙂

  2. I like someone who is fun, someone who does not do stupid things, no drama, no stress, and they must be honest.

    Because that’s how I roll.

  3. Best friends are always there for you, take time to listen,laugh and really understand when you are feeling down and try pick you back up! I have great best friends 😉

  4. When I first read this I was thinking the question was “Why is your best friend friends with you” (you see what I mean about how it is phrased?). So, my answer to that is…my best friend are friends with me because I am silly, I am generally upbeat, and they know that I love them dearly – like Jody said – through the good and the bad!

  5. I used to think I could only have one best friend, then I found out that it was true…My best friend is someone that I could tell anything to and know that it would still remain a secret. Or just sit and talk serious or laugh at ourselves. I have several bests but only one I would call my very special one.

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