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It’s All In Your Head

I found this awesome post about how Achieving Your Fitness Goals Starts in Your Head” by Jeff Barnett on Primer

Now most of us would probably say, well, of course “it’s all in your head”, but after reading this post I realized it’s more than that — it’s bigger than that — and — for me — it’s mindblowing. 

The post, which I am excerpting here, is a two-part post.

“No matter how trite it may sound, mental attitude is a large part of achieving fitness goals. While genetics is the most obvious constraint to your physical abilities, your attitude determines almost everything else. In order to accomplish your fitness goals you will need to not only understand, but actually believe four key concepts.

Know Why You Train

If you set out to work on your car for the sake of working on your car then you’ll rarely accomplish anything. You need a purpose, like changing the oil or replacing a belt. While everyone that exercises thinks he knows the reason, I challenge you to be honest with yourself. Here are some possible reasons to exercise:

  • Develop upper body strength.
  • Lose weight.
  • Develop cardiovascular endurance.
  • Look more attractive.
  • Be seen exercising.
  • Be overall physically fit.

I’m not judging the content or usefulness of each reason, but they are all, indeed reasons to exercise. Your reason also may not be a simple four-word sentence. That’s OK–mine’s not. The point is that you need to know the real reason. Ifinset you don’t find the true reason for your training then your training will be without purpose, or at best designed for a purpose that you don’t really seek. You can also go further and quantify your reason into measurable goals (e.g. perform 20 dead hang pullups). While measurable goals are indeed very useful, and I advocate using them, the most important thing to know about your workout is why you’re there.

You Determine Your Results

You are in control. You determine how often you train, the intensity at which you train, and exactly how you train. Your success is a direct result of your efforts, and any lack of success is a direct result of your lack of effort. There is no middle ground: You are responsible. Working late doesn’t prevent you from training. Your lack of motivation after working late prevents you from training.

However, you decide your priorities, and of course, there are always exceptional circumstances, and I’m not going to tell you to place fitness above any of your other priorities. I am telling you that when you let life’s curveballs give you a mental excuse for not achieving your fitness goals you are simply admitting that you’re not willing to work hard enough to achieve those goals.

There are plenty of fitness goals that I’m not willing to work hard enough to achieve: running a 5 minute mile, bench pressing 300 pounds, completing a marathon. However, if you never seem to find the time or effort to train then admit to yourself that you are not willing to make the necessary sacrifices to meet your fitness goals. Don’t let yourself believe anything else.

I hope you find this post as motivating, inspirational, and mindblowing as I did.  You can read the rest of this post: Train Your Brain: Achieving Your Fitness Goals Starts in Your Head and catch the second-half too.

Have a great Thursday.  If you haven’t met your fitness goals yet this week, ask yourself why, and figure out how you can “make it happen” on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


4 thoughts on “It’s All In Your Head

  1. What a great post! I have to come back & reread & hit the other links after some sleep! Thx for this! A great one!

    PS: Check out my post today – maybe you can vote for me! 😉

  2. This is great, and I have been exercising, but I have been letting work and life give me excuses to either cut it short or take the day off when I should not. If I would have read this yesterday, I would have gone to the gym today, because I worked until 1:00am, so I slept late, and it is cold so I did not want to go running, and I told myself that I have two jobs I need to work at today, go to the post office, and pack up one of our new designs, so I should take the day off.

    No more excuses.

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