You’re going to love this…

Workout Wednesday with Steve Maresca!  Get ready to sweat, then go get the Bengay.

Steve Maresca training Danica Patrick

The weather and timing kept us indoors and out of the gym one day last week so we (Jimmy and Karma) decided to do a workout video.  We were short on time so we warmed up with a one mile walk with Leslie Sansone.  We then decided to try a sculpting video to get as much work in as possible before it was time for work and our long day ahead.    

I glanced through the Exercise TV free videos and just randomly chose one called active sculpting with a trainer I was unfamiliar with…Steve Maresca (probably many of you know his work training the celebs). 

When we started the video, I thought, “This guy is kind of goofy” (after all, Maresca is a self-described 80’s metalhead who plays air guitar and drums in class), however, from my perspective he was goofy in a good way and he had some seriously positive energy.  We settled quickly into the workout.

It wasn’t long after the warm up that Jimmy and I looked at each other and said, “This is hard, but we loved it!”  If you need something to shake up your routine – this is it.

Word of caution — our glutei maximi (a.k.a. butts, behinds, tushes, booties), quads, and hamstrings were absolutely screaming at us for 3 days!  We highly recommend it :).

Active Sculpting with Steve Maresca

You can also check out Steve’s website at Steve Maresca Make It Happen.

Time to shake it up, stir it up, and take it up a notch.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “You’re going to love this…

  1. As soon as you said this: Word of caution –our glutei maximi (a.k.a. butts, behinds, tushes, booties), quads, and hamstrings were absolutely screaming at us for 3 days.. I WAS THERE! I want to hear that – YES!!!

  2. One of the things that I wanted to do this year was to mix up and amp up my exercise rutine. So I have been doing more weights, running a bit more, soon to be bike riding more, and I have been doing more videos, and that has been fun.

    Today we did a video and my arms and and the rest of me is getting sore, and if I can do a video in my living room, anyone can.

    Have fun.

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