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Please take a bath.

This is a guest post by Dana (although that is not her in the bathtub).

Okay, let’s start by saying I do not usually post, but I thought this may help some of you find some REAL time for yourself!

I have a hard time sitting still for even 5 minutes, which means that yoga and many other relaxing activities are out for me because they last too long.  So when I found myself alone Tuesday night (my daughter had to work, my husband had a meeting) this, my friends, left me with a lot of time on my hands, something I am not used to.

Hmmmm, what should I do?  Watch tv — no — squats — no (I was too sore from my earlier workout) — eat — no — take a bath — now where did this weird thought come from? — yes — a bath it is.   I poured a glass of wine, grabbed my i-pad and speakers, and began to fill the tub with very, very warm water.

I put some vanilla lavender crystals and relaxing suds into the water, set my music to — well — I started with Marvin Gaye — but that was a bit too silly because I was by myself — so I changed it to Earth Wind and Fire and then settled on  Patsy Cline, which is my mom’s favorite.

I was not expecting what happened next…I relaxed…I actually relaxed!  I sang, although this may have also been prompted by the wine as much as the bath, but it sure felt good!  The best thing of all was I actually took time to appreciate my body for what it is — my legs are strong, so I thanked them for holding me up everyday — I said hello to my arms — although they are not as perky as in my youth — they help me everyday.  I gave a shout out to my soul for taking me to this point.  I had a great evening all by myself.  I realized that the bath helped me to love myself again!  

As crazy as it sounds — I want you to take a bath soon — you may actually learn something new about yourself and it will give you time to appreciate all that your body does for you each and every day.


7 thoughts on “Please take a bath.

  1. That is a great post Dana. I used to take a bath all the time, most when you guys were small, altho I did not have much time to listen to Patsy Cline (it is my favorite) or drink wine as you kids were always trying to get in to bug me. ha I think I will try again to get that relaxing feeling and I have a great bottle of wine waiting. Love this idea.

    We are headed to the park for some exercise. Having our carpet cleaned today so we will be moving furniture and such. That should give our arms and legs some much needed lifts.

    Have a great Thursday and get in that tub!!! Momb

  2. It was truly relaxing and at the gym the next couple of days, I was not feeling self concious about my legs not being long an lean, I was actually thinking how strong and great they are. Thanks for reading everyone!

  3. What a fabulous guest post Dana! I think the art of the bath has been lost, and, from your experience, I think taking a bath is something we need to bring back. Bring back the bath! By the way, long and lean — overrated — short and strong — priceless!

    I have not been able to get consistently good work outs in since about January (this is due to scheduling, and, for me, weather). This means that my focus – keeping my eye on the prize – has waned a bit. I noticed it about three weeks ago – I was eating slightly larger portions – snacking more — and consuming some extra calories that I just cannot afford. I weighed this morning and noticed that I am up two pounds, which doesn’t sound like much, but I can assure you that this needs to be nipped in the bud – at least according to how I work. And, this is why I love the blogosphere, it brings me back to my original goals/purpose, keeps me on task and honest. Here’s to a focused day!

    Thanks again for writing your post, Dana, it was inspiring.

  4. Yes, I should take a bath, but a few months ago someone kicked in my bathroom door, and it is still not in working order.

    No relaxing for me because I need to get ready to be on TV on Monday. What, that’s right.

  5. Nice…. I’m going to take a bath right now… Wine – check, music – check, rubber ducky – where the hell is my rubber ducky? Oh well, looks like I’m on my own… Great post Dana

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