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Commencement Speaker Chosen

Today’s post is a bit late, but better late than never I guess…Our student newspaper ran this story on their front page today:

Sheen to receive honorary degree, hopes to pick up new goddess on campus

April 1, 2011 | Hope Forshein Celebrity Stalker

Chancellor Wrighton announced yesterday that Charlie Sheen will be giving this year’s Commencement address.Sheen will also receive an honorary degree in Chemistry for his innovative use of tiger blood.
“We just thought he was the best role model for our students,” said Chancellor Mark Wrighton. “He describes himself as ‘bi-winning’; I can only imagine the potential of our students if they could do everything twice as well.”
Of course, this is our students’ April Fools Day newspaper, but the very thought of this happening made me laugh so hard I had to share.
You can read the entire article at Student Life
I hope you find time to laugh today.  It feels so good.
Enjoy Friday!  Happy April Fools Day!

5 thoughts on “Commencement Speaker Chosen

  1. OMG—also. That is really funny. I knew that Karma is very liberal, but could not believe everyone in the school had gone bonkers. Forgot that it was April fools day. I know we all have a tiger in us somewhere but hopefully not quite like he does.

    We went for our usual and then out shopping for our trip. Now I’m so—tired.

    TGIF everyone. M.

  2. This cracks me up!!! Great post I thought you should give your information on, “how to tell if bananas have gone bad.”

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