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InPerspire with Tim Ezell!

Tim Ezell (Fox 2 News) was kind enough to let us show off our towels! It was a lot of fun and everyone was so nice. I definitely should have worn a shirt that was more form fitting, but I didn’t know that I was going to be on TV this morning.  Jimmy got a “little” nervous before the show and, because he has always supported me, I supported him by going on the air with him.  Yes, I am a good sport, especially now that I see me in that shirt(!), but doesn’t Jimmy look fabulous?!

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6 thoughts on “InPerspire with Tim Ezell!

  1. How exciting is that & love seeing you!!!!! So cool! Sweat is sexy should be my motto with the way I sweat along with my Strong is the new Skinny – my Fila entry motto! 🙂


  2. Hey, I’m excited to see you guys talking about the towels and the business. You both did a great job. Hope everyone has time to watch this video.
    Now I can really say I am related to some very famous people.

    I think I will purchase the new towel now.
    Fantastic Jimmy and Darla


  3. You guys rocked it!! I am sooo glad that was not me, I would have thrown up then passed out!! You guys did awesome!!

  4. Great job! I find myself wanting to get a towel…. and I don’t even frequent a gym! And Darla…. WAY TO GO, GIRL!! You got out of your comfort zone!

    • Hey Taylor! If you want a towel and you don’t even frequent a gym – that means we did a good job :). Jimmy and I laughed and laughed last night after watching the video together. Jimmy was laughing so hard that he was actually crying a few tears! We do need to practice our pitch a bit. By the way, it was actually Jimmy who was out of his comfort zone…now he owes me big time!

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