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You Don’t Need To Be A Superhero to Fight Belly Fat…

I took this belly fat quiz on WebMD and I have to admit that I missed a few questions.  Jimmy and I thought this quiz might be a good way for everyone to test their belly fat knowledge (with the purpose of putting that knowledge into action to fight that belly fat).  Get your Blue Book out (kidding!) — test yourself and see what you know.  Here is an excerpt of the quiz (answers follow).

1)  True or FalseBelly fat is worse for you than fat elsewhere on your body.

2)  True or False: Fatty foods, such as butter, cheese, and fatty meats, are the biggest cause of belly fat.


3)  True or False:  Calories from alcohol are worse for belly fat than other calories.

4)  Which of the following fats not only can make you gain weight, but also can move fat from other parts of your body to your belly?  a) Saturated fats; b) trans fats; c) monounsaturated fats; d) all of the above.

5)  True or False:  Substituting diet soft drinks for regular soft drinks is a good way to trim belly fat.

6)  Studies suggest you can trim your waistline by replacing refined grains with whole grains. Which of the following is a whole grain food?  a)  popcorn; b) couscous; (c) spaghetti; (d) cornflakes

7)  True or False:  Belly fat is harder to lose than fat elsewhere on your body.

8)  True or False:  Spot exercise, such as sit-ups or crunches, target belly fat.

9)  Belly fat has been linked to which of the following health problems: (a) heart disease; (b) osteoporosis; (c) dementia; (d) all of the above

10) Which of the following is the best plan for reducing belly fat?  (a) r


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  1. Great post! I had a couple wrong but pretty much what I thought. Congrats to Karma and Jimmy today for there appearance on St. Louis Fox news, you guys rock!!

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