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What’s mightier than Mighty Mouse?

A Mighty Wallet, of course!  What’s a Mighty Wallet you ask?

Mighty Wallets are made from Tyvek (the material shipping envelopes are made from), which makes them water resistance, tear resistant, and unique.  They are also recyclable (we love livin’ the green life).

But what makes Mighty Wallets so darn cool?  It’s their designs.  They have a design to fit every personality type, whether you’re an apple or a pear or a Botticelli or a DaVinci (oops…that was another post) there is a wallet especially for you!  Sounds a lot like InPerspire Fitness Towels doesn’t it?

Jimmy and I have been carrying Mighty Wallets for about two years now and we love them!  Not only are they virtually indestructible and water resistant, which makes them great for taking to the gym where some of us like to sweat a lot and others like to play hard, they are also super stylish so they set you apart from the rest – yes – just like InPerspire Fitness Towels.

We started offering Might Wallets on our website yesterday!  Jimmy said our new saying should be: We care about your muscles and your money.  Yeah, that’s how Jimmy rolls :).

You can check out our favorite 9 Mighty Wallets on our website, but here are pics of the two we are carrying now.

It’s like having a revolution in your pocket.


5 thoughts on “What’s mightier than Mighty Mouse?

  1. LOVE! How cool! I actually have a post almost ready for next week referencing your sun salutation post AND all about your towels too. I will now add the wallets to that as well!

  2. I Love Mighty Wallet, I have the new South Park one. Now let me tell you why I need some Mighty today. We had some trouble with this site and Face Book today, and yesterday everytime I used my debit card they said that I was using the wrong pin, so today I found out that I had our Son’s card and he had mine, and now I just found out that I never put my contacts in today, because I am having trouble reading the screen. I have driven to Wash U, the P.O, and the airport all without contacts.

  3. Oh Jimmy, you’ve really had a hard day. I did something like that the other day. The bank locked me out of our account.
    Can’t imagine you without contacts in, you can’t see the side of a barn without them. That is pretty funny but I’m sure frustrating.

    I love the wallets. Maybe I will get some for Christmas gifts this year.

    Snowing here again today but we still went for our walk this morning. See ha! M.

  4. What a great design. I find that I am often throwing my wallet in a ziplock on wet days before putting it in my backpack. I’ll keep these in mind when it’s time to replace.
    Jimmy, what bad luck – but a funny story. Thanks for sharing it.

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