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Permission Slip

I think all of us work pretty darn hard during the week, and I also think many of us are tempted to try to work even harder on the weekends (or on our days off, whenever they are) to get even more done.  As tempting as it is to try to get everything done on our to do lists, allow me to let you in on a little secret…You will never be done doing all the things you need to do.  Never.  It’s not going to happen. 

For some, the mere suggestion you will never be done with your to-do-list may be a bit shocking, for others, it will (or can) be liberating.

It can be liberating because once you realize you will never finish everything on your to-do-list, then there is no need to “kill yourself” trying to get everything done.  It’s just not possible.  Here’s how it works, you work and you work and you work and you think you are almost at the end of your list (and you very well may be at that moment), but then a few more things get added to your list…and in a blink of an eye your list will be just as long as it was…

Once I realized I would never be “done”, that I would always have something needing my attention, it made it easier to pick a time to stop working and then just stop — everything would be waiting for me in the morning. 

Now, all that being said, I think some of you may still need permission to stop working and do something nice for yourself today (for you and only you) so let’s make it official.

I hereby give you (and me) permission to do something nice for ourselves today.   Ahhhhhhhh, I feel better already.


3 thoughts on “Permission Slip

  1. This is what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. I have some much to do because of my trip, or so I say, but even if I had not allowed myself to go, I would have so much to impossibly do and there will be always something to do and it will all get done at the right time so thank you. I have been wanting to go shopping just for one new thing as I feel like I am getting stuff for the family always but have said, oh I do not have time. Well I am going to go! And then have a nice latte or something!!!

    • Willee – I am so happy this message landed on just the right person! You are 100% right about not taking that trip – whether you went or not you would still have a million things to do. I hope you find something you love today – you deserve it!

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