Meatless Monday

It’s Meatless Monday…time to think

about what you eat.

Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” and Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move campaigns have been under attack lately. 

In Oliver’s case, many of the school districts don’t want to make the changes needed to enable them to serve our nation’s children healthy lunches. 

In Michaelle Obama’s case, we have the “wonderfully smart” Glenn Beck (there’s two words you don’t ever see connected with Beck — wonderful and smart — and I only put them there for sarcastic effect), claiming that the First Lady’s campaign to help our nation’s children get healthy is leading us down a path to socialism (yeah, he’s that stupid). 

So, for all those non-believers take a look at this…

and consider this…(taken from Jamie’s Ted talk):

“We spend our lives being paranoid about death, murder, homicide, you name it.  It’s on the front page of every paper, [on] CNN.  Look [at the graph] homicide is on the bottom…every single one of the ones in red are diet related disease…diet related disease is the biggest killer in the United States right now, here today.”

Jamie also points out that “the adults in the last four generations have blessed our children with the destiny of a shorter life span than their own parents.  Your child will live a life ten years [shorter] than you because of the landscape of food we built around them.”

Let’s all pull together on this Meatless Monday and try to make a difference. 

  1. Quit meat for the day. 
  2. Think about what you are eating and why.  
  3. Try to figure out how to get our nation (and our nation’s children) back on track.
  4. Think about ways you can make a difference in your own family and community.
  5. Act.

Here’s to Meatless Mondays and taking back our health!


7 thoughts on “It’s Meatless Monday…time to think

  1. LOVE this post! YES! I have Jamie’s show set up to record Tuesday! I am so mad at the LA people for turning him down! It was on the news here….. You guys live what you preach! I love it!

    Great weights this morn!

  2. I thought you would like this one, Jody. When I heard about LA I was shocked (but I guess I shouldn’t have been knowing how things work). I am glad Jamie isn’t giving up and we will just have to set a good example and show the non-believers what it can be like.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe this is so sad kids do not get the proper nutrition anymore. I started the 17 day diet plan today, I will let you know my results and what I really think of this new way of eating.This plan is full of veggies, eggs and certain fruits.

  4. Great post. People need to get out and move and healthy eating needs to start at a young age.

    Took a break in the middle of my work day for a fast run.

  5. Hey that video even shocked me. I would have never thought the kids would not know anything about veg. Hopefully getting some of the sugar drinks out of the schools will help. I heard a study saying that most kids said they would dump the school lunches in the garbage if they if they included to many vegs. Guess it all starts at home. Good post and it really got me thinking..
    Have a good Monday…Momb

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