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Jack be nimble, jack be quick…

Here are three exercises to sharpen your agility (taken from a piece in the Bodywise section of Oprah Magazine, written by Polly Brewster):

Be Nimble, Be Quick

The Harlem Globetrotters play 390 games a year, not only shooting, dribbling, and scoring but also performing stunts and dancing. All this activity requires superb balance, says Special K Daley, point guard, ringmaster, and self-described “most handsome guy on the team.” Below are his three favorite exercises for improving agility and coordination. Try these twice a week (or add them to your workout); perform each move for a minute.

Tennis Ball Squats

Stand facing a wall, about six feet away. Holding a tennis ball in your right hand, lower yourself into a squat position—feet shoulder-width apart, legs bent to nearly a 90-degree angle.  Now throw the tennis ball against the wall with your right hand and catch it with your left. (This may take some practice.) Then throw it back at the wall and catch it with your right hand.


Crisscross Jump Rope

Use chalk to mark a plus sign (each line about 12 inches long) on the ground, or just visualize one. Jump rope at the center of the plus sign at your own pace. Then jump to one of the four end points, count four revolutions of the rope, and jump to another end point. Repeat side to side, and then front to back.




Jump Up

Standing next to a wall, hold a piece of tape or chalk in your hand and jump as high as you can, marking a spot. Now, with both arms over your head, crouch and then jump, touching the mark with both hands. Try to land in a balanced position avoid taking a step backward or forward. Then crouch and repeat.

Now go jump over those candlesticks!

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5 thoughts on “Jack be nimble, jack be quick…

  1. I love the Globe Trotters, or I use to when I was a kid. I will try these exercises at the gym today..Down 4 lbs on my new 17 day diet.I feel great, I feel full and I probably haven’t eaten this healthy in years. The 4 lbs is probably water but I don’t care, I feel better.

  2. Whooooohooo! Down 4 lbs! That’s great. I know how hard you have been working out, so to finally see some serious results – that must make you one happy, slappy person. Let me sing a little song for you, “This is it, make no mistake where you are, this is it..”. Yes, I did break out the Kenny Loggins especially for this occasion – you can thank me later :).

    J and I just finished our 5k walk/run. It’s warm, sunny, and “Spring-y” here and it’s lovely.

    I did the Globetrotters criss cross (w/o the jump rope) and the jump up, but I have to wait until later to do the tennis ball squats (which actually look like fun to me). Off to work now.

  3. So no more excuses to be made…not that there really were any…..Pheobe and I got out today for the first walk in MONTHS. ew…can’t believe I have been this lazy….perhaps this year I should show up last years failed goal and reach it!

    Either way….I look forward to adding you guys back to my routine!!

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