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mindlessly doing something, like brushing your teeth, for 20 minutes?

It was a long week last week, y’all (we watched Friday Night Lights last night so the y’all seemed to be perfectly natural for this sentence).  How long was the week?  Well, at one point I actually found myself staring in the mirror while brushing my teeth for what seemed like a very long time.  I wasn’t sure exactly how long I had been there just brushing away, but I knew it had been awhile.  Yikes!

Anyhoo…it’s Saturday and time to recuperate, reinvigorate, and re-energize.  To the gym this morning and then perhaps some drawing time this afternoon.

I hope you find time for yourself today too!  It will definitely be worth it.

To Thine Own Self Be True!


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  1. looking at the computer screen or out the window.. Long day for us, Lewis isn’t doing very well and we had to move Max, again.

  2. Pheobe and I made it out for a walk that turned into a run/walk that was amazing. I am scared though that we will step on a snake where we are now. The snakes have been sunning on the asphalt the past couple weeks. Either way, the fresh air was great to clean out the smoke and waffle spray from work.

    I took a nap after work and told Pheobe we would still take a walk and then I overslept. I was laying there and laying there telling myself it was gonna get dark soon and there was no point and then, I was like no, gotta get up! and Pheobe was laying there, I dug my sneaker out from the depths of my underbed, peeked up looker her and then showed her the shoe and she was up with one leap. I don’t know what I would do without her. I am losing control of things in school and work so I am hoping some exercise can clear my mind and clear some stress off my life. Perk me up a bit, hopefully. I need to find towely.

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