Meatless Monday

Let’s try something new…

on Meatless Mondays.  The wonderful people at Farm Sanctuary spotlight rescued animals on their Sanctuary Tails feature and I thought today would be a good time to shine the spotlight on three of their featured animals.  I don’t know about you, but when I actually see the rescued animals and read their stories it makes me even more determined to make a difference in this world.   

This video and post is dedicated to Lewis (an animal member of the InPerspire family we lost yesterday) who loved to visit the Pig Farm to watch the goats, sheep, turkeys, chickens, pigs, cows, and horses.

This Farm Sactuary video, about 3 rescued calves, is only 3 minutes, and I promise you will be glad you watched.

How the calves came to be rescued is a sad story:

On the day National Shelter Director Susie Coston discovered the calves, she watched truck after truck filled with these baby animals drive up to the auction yard. The newborns, some not even a day old yet, were visibly frenzied and could be heard bawling for their mothers. But while all Susie wanted to do was comfort them, their terror was only met with frustration from the workers who forcefully unloaded and moved them into holding pens by hitting them with canes or shocking them with cattle prods.

The scene turned even grislier when she came across the poor babies who were obviously very ill. She found one – a little calf who couldn’t even stand – collapsed and left freezing in the less than 20 degree weather near a loading dock. The other two she would rescue that day were shoved into the auction ring when the sale began. One was so sick and weak that his legs kept buckling beneath him as workers prodded him to get him on his feet. The other, weighing only 37 pounds, was so small that the bidders made a joke of him – calling him “trash.” Treated with the same indifference as all the others, these little ones were only mocked in their distress and ultimately deemed as being worthless when they failed to sell for even $1.

Visit the Farm Sanctuary site or other rescue sites and volunteer, donate, adopt (literally or virtually (we do the latter, e.g., June who is featured in the footnotes of this blog), or help educate others.  Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Let your choices be your guide.


7 thoughts on “Let’s try something new…

  1. Lewis was a good boy, and we will miss him. When we were in Seattle I would chase him around the house and play ball with him, that would drive everyone else in the house crazy, I guess I will chase Max around the house now.

  2. Max will probably like you chasing him around the house.. We are very sad today, Lewis was a huge part of our lives and we already feel a huge hole in our hearts and household. Thanks for your thoughts and Jimmy, you know how much that dog loved you.

  3. We all miss Lewis. When he was a puppy I tried to carry him home after he got loose from his leash and I could only go about one half block as he was so heavy and I was laughing so hard. Our love goes out to Dana, Greg, Alyx and Max and espically Lewis. He has good company waiting with Duncan and Dottie.

    Love Momb

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