Thought Provoking

Put Your Thinking Caps On…

it’s Thought Provoking Tuesday.

This should prove very interesting :).

Be thoughtful, be kind, be wonderful today!


6 thoughts on “Put Your Thinking Caps On…

  1. My dad used to say, “don’t let the grinches get you down” & as I got older he said “the bastar-s”. 😉

    My mom – she just tried to be supportive no matter what…

  2. Jimmy, you are cracking me up!! My parents always said “wear clean underwear and socks”..I never really understood either suggestion but they gave me other great advice through my life. 🙂

  3. My Dad used to tell me if I drank coffee my knees would turn black. Never understood that either Dana, so I kept on drinking it.

    Jimmy, that’s pretty funny!

  4. My mom’s dad (my grandpa) used to tell me the same thing, if you drink coffee your knees will turn black, but then he would also say if you eat the crust on bread your eyelashes will be curly, and mine used to be super curly so I always thought he was right.

    Now, what saying did my mom always say to me…”get off your high horse”, which just makes me laugh thinking about it because (1) it’s so funny because it says “high horse” and (2) it was so true!

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