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Happy Mother’s Day!

What a perfect day to “get back into it”(posting that is).  End of semesters are always challenging and when I am gone for a few weeks you know it’s a crazy one. 

So, I was watching Letterman on one of my late-nighters last week and Caroline Kennedy was a guest.  It was a great interview, you can watch it on YouTube here.  Caroline was on the show to talk about her book, “She Walks in Beauty” a collection of poems edited by her.  The book is to honor her mother who loved poetry and considered it character building.

Letterman asked her to read one of the poems and its beauty struck me.  The poem was written by Nazim Hikmet:


the best sea has yet to be crossed
the best child has yet to be born
the best days have yet to be lived
and the best word that I wanted to say to you…
is the word that I have not yet said

(By the way, I disagree with the second line of the poem, in my opinion, the best child has been born – and I am sure all the moms I know would agree with me).

Have a wonderful day — take care of your mothers — and mothers — take care of yourselves!


4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!
    Wonderful post!

    Sorry again for being a bit out of touch trying to keep up with my own blog. 🙂
    Your blog and posts inspired me to begin my own in October.

    Have a new trainer (my other wonderful trainer moved to Texas) and am learning lots of new and helpful ways of exercising.
    Still dancing 3 times a week.
    And trying to hang in there with the semester winding down, too!
    I totally understand. 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

    • Hi Mary! Oh how we all know too well how difficult it is to keep with our own blogs, let alone those of our friends :). It is good to hear from you and I hope I will get to see you at one of those dance classes. You must be getting fabulously strong with your new trainer – I’m jealous. By the way, whenever Jimmy and I see one of the butterflies around town, no matter who the butterfly actually belongs to, we shout, “There’s one of Mary’s butterflies”. I thought you should know that as far as we’re concerned you are the queen of butterflies.

      Thanks for my mother’s day wishes, and hang in there as the semester winds down.


    • Hey Jody! I fixed the picture 🙂 I was being lazy and tried to do a copy paste that just didn’t work this time – should have done it right in the first place. I love your new picture. It is so flattering and fun! We’ll be dropping by your blog this week. I hope the grandkids came by today. Hugs!

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