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It’s Your Favorite Day of the Week…

thought-provoking Tuesday!

I laughed out loud when I thought about possible answers for this question AND what kind of answers I might hear from all of you.  Have fun with it!

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Live Fit!


3 thoughts on “It’s Your Favorite Day of the Week…

  1. WOW! Too many to count! Some may say my craziness with my food & my workouts! 😉 Me, I would say that I stress too much & talk about what is stressing me…

  2. My most annoying habit…hmmmm…I think it may be a long list for other people, however, for me, I would say I have no annoying habits :). Kidding! One annoying habit I have is letting people know when I am right about something (I just can’t resist it).

    Now, Jimmy just said, without knowing what I wrote above, that he doesn’t think he has annoying habits :). Right!

    We are off for our 5k walk/run. I am sure we will think of others along the way!

  3. Well I am not sure that I have any annoying habits, but I do have many bad habits. One thing that I do that drives Darla crazy is that even if I am late leaving the house I have certain things that I do before I leave.

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