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You can get your very own Kashi Ingredient Decoder!

OvaltineDecoderRing_200x223Okay, while I admit it may not be quite as exciting or fun as one of the old school decoder rings, I think you will find the Kashi Ingredient Decoder very helpful, AND Kashi has made it available to us via a handy dandy pdf so we can print it, fold it, and carry it in our pockets – like a top secret note!

The Kashi Ingredient Decoder makes it easy to identify what’s real on ingredient labels, which ingredients Kashi would use, and which ones they would avoid.  The decoder makes it so much easier to decide whether you should avoid or use:


What do you think? 

Which ingredient(s) would you use?  Which would you avoid?

Check out the Kashi Ingredient Decoder for the answer to these questions and to the age old question…

What would Kashi Do?

Have a fabulous Friday!


3 thoughts on “You can get your very own Kashi Ingredient Decoder!

  1. Thanks for this. Reading labels is such a science. Between the list of unknowns and the small font, it is my biggest challenge in grocery shopping (well, after finding time to grocery shop).

  2. That is cool! I am pretty good about which ingredients I will & will not use & yes, I use things that others may not but in the long run, it all works out cause I use them about a million times less than most! 😉 I am a label reader big time!

  3. I am a huge label reader..this is greaT and yes, we are back from the Caman Islands..not really wanting to be back but always good to be in my own home.

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