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Our minimalist collection would make Jackson Polloack cry with joy!  Short and sweet, but still made from the same high quality, 100% white cotton to keep you and your equipment dry.  Yes, we do take your workouts and your sweat seriously!

To see the individual towels in our Minimalist Collection click your favorite towel(s):

i am worth it, pain is just weakness, stronger faster better, run your ass off


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  1. What are you two (Jody and Cynthia) doing up so late?! I bet you are getting your blogs ready for tomorrow :). Thanks for your kind words about the new towels. I have been out of commission for the past few weeks in terms of the blogosphere, but I will “see” you both tomorrow! Hugs!

  2. My friend just made me a shirt that says Run Your Ass off. She’s black and of course has a ghetto booty well I am white and unfortunately have horrible genes so I have the ghetto booty as well. So every time I run its to thin my thighs and run my ass off lol. You should make a towel related to yoga! I bring your towel to hot yoga class and when I feel like I will pass out I focus on the words LOL

  3. We love our new Fitness Towels, we are using a different towels that are higher quality then the last ones. I hope all of you enjoy.

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