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And a follow up question…what was it about the book that you made you want to read it cover to cover?

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. My last book was Charlotte’s The Great Fitness Experiment & it was AMAZING!!!! I read her blog so just knowing her in that way made me know I HAD to read it!

  2. I can’t even remember, I start a book, get half way through and do not finish. I always seem to be so busy, to tired late at night, or my family always needs me for one thing or another. I will get back on track with books during the Summer, I can sit outside and get some me time usually.

  3. Getting Stoned With Savages. I am off to the DMV for my written and driving test, I remember the last time I did this it was 31 years ago. Thanks Mom.

  4. Correction on the haven’t finished a book. I spent three hours today reading, The Art of Racing in the Rain. Great book,funny and emotional, story told from a dog”s perspective with a lot of great information we humans can learn more about. Yes, Greg is out of town and I had the entire day to myself.Thanks for the post, I had forgotten how much fun it is to take time to read.

  5. Hay wait a minute. I missed this post yesterday. Since I just got a Kindle, I have started to read again. I used to read all the time and then it just seemed like not enough time. While on vacation for three weeks I had time to read a lot more. I just finished reading Water for Elephants the Glass Castle. Dana I am in progress of reading The Art of Racing in the Rain. GOod book Huh!

    Glad to be back home and keep in touch with everyone. Momb

    Jimmy, sorry that you have to get things changed, at this stage of life. Sometimes changes are for the best.

  6. I wish I had time to read a book for myself. I read a lot – for work and with my kiddos – but the only big girl book reading that I do tends to be in the summer. We’re counting the days:)

  7. Just finished Incendiary. Now reading Super Sad True Love Story. Both are very dark, but worth the thinking they make you do.

    Finally signed up for online WW. As I told Coach D, if I pay for it, I’ll track, and without tracking I just can’t lose weight. and a few pounds have crept back on…I’d love to the be the person who can effectively use the free tracking tools (which are excellent!) at Livestrong, but there we have it — I’m not that gal.

    I *have* been faithfully doing 4 Fast Miles with 4lb weights five mornings a week tho! So I do need to take off a few, but the extra pounds probably don’t look as bad as they would have a year ago, because I really am in better shape overall.

    That’s not too bad for someone starting the second half of life!

    • What did you think about Incendiary? I’m not a fan of love stories unless they are set back in the day — like Wuthering Heights. Tell us more! I love books. Right now I am reading “A Confederancy of Dunces”. It was recommended to me by Greg Randall (Dana’s hubby) and I love it. The characters are truly outrageous in true New Orleans style.

      • Incendiary was so interesting. the characters are complex. the author both avoids stereotypes and yet completely depends on them in establishing the unexpected parts of the story. After a fictional terrorist action at a soccer game in England that kills many people, a widow is trying to live her life. Although it will sound suprising from the summary I’ve given, it is very anti-war.

        Super sad true love story isn’t exactly a love story. It is mostly a futuristic examination of what life might be like when we are not longer an economic super-power.

        Somebody should really recommend a beach book to me, as I’m clearly not picking fun, light reading for the summer!

        *Love* Confederacy of Dunces. Wish he’d lived to write more.

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