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Record high heat, humidity, and mating cicadas!

 Ahhhh, yes, it’s the 13 year return of the St. Louis Cicadas.

There are thousands and thousands and thousands of them inhabiting our trees and bushes.  They fly into unsuspecting runners (it’s like having a small rock thrown at you) and they get into our hair as we run under trees.  Ewww!

In their quest to mate, the cicadas are also extremely loud.  How loud are they?  They are so loud we can’t sit on our deck until late in the evenings.  See the video to get an idea of what they sound like (although you have to be here to get the full-effect).

Anyway, I just thought you might like a little picture of our world right now!  Bugs and all!  What’s going on in your part of the country/world?

And if you want to know more about the cicadas check out: Scientific American – Return of the 13 Year Cicadas.

Have a wildy wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. I can’t listen to it right now because in this high density area, a house right across the fence has been redoing for weeks & weeks & today they are water blasting.. between that & just about every other noise from higher density living, it is just plain hard to sleep period.. People just don’t think that a person over the fence can hear everything whether it be loud talking outside their door or slamming a car door or anything. I so relate to non sleep!!!!!!!

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