Meatless Monday

“Why did the rabbit cross the road?”

Jimmy and I saw this sign while out bike riding.  On one side of the trail, no rabbit hunting, on the other side, it was allowed.  Now really?!  Rabbit hunting?  I don’t understand why anyone would hunt (whether its rabbits or any other animal) – and don’t tell me it’s for food – that argument went out of fashion with going down to the well to ‘fetch drinking water’.

On today’s Meatless Monday, think of it is a day to try something new.  Expand your horizons, break out of your food ruts/habits, explore a whole new world!


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  1. That sign is just to funny & how you applied it to that age old joke!!!! Loved your take on that! I am not into the whole hunting thing either – don’t get it & not my thing. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Damn, if I was a rabbit I would only hope I could read so I could stay on the right side of the road..haha this sign is so missouri..

    • It is so Missouri – and your comments make me really laugh. I didn’t think about the need for literate rabbits in order to keep them safe! Wait to Jimmy reads this :).

  3. Well it took me a few days before I got around to reading this, but yes sometimes it just hits you right in the face, you are in the Midwest. Now lets not get all over the Midwest, we do have great bike trails.

    • You are so right Jimmy, although you must also remember that some of our bike trails are also “conveniently” placed near shooting ranges!

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