My New Secret Weapon

You can tell when I start to get busy (or busier) because it gets a little silent on the InPerspire Blog.  The summer progamming I direct started last week, I have a new assistant, and things have been…well…busy! 

Besides the blog going a bit silent, the other thing that happens when I get busy is that my fitness routine takes a hit — the blogging and my fitness are definitely related.  Yesterday I realized it’s been several weeks since I have a consistently recorded a good workout week. 

So how to get back on track?

I decided that what I need, besides my motivational fitness towel by InPerspire (couldn’t resist that one), is to be serious about my training.  No more willy nilly in the training department.  It’s time to get serious! 

Here is how I plan to get myself going:

Post-It Notes!  But not any old Post-It Notes!  Post-It Notes with the words “You are in training” written on them.  I posted these notes all around my house to act as a reminder that my actions, from eating to drinking to exercising, are directly related to my ultimate goal of being fit.  Fit enough to run as far and as fast as I want, fit enough to have strong legs and arms that can do what I need them to do, and fit enough to feel like an athlete. 

Yes, I am in training (and you can also bet that a new towel will be coming out with this mantra). 

Besides my post-its, Jimmy has signed on as my “coach” to be another sort of reminder, and I am going to begin (again) journaling and recording on The Daily Mile, a fabulous social networking site for people who love to workout. 

For those of you who like to journal and record your fitness milestones and challenges you can also use My Trainer Bob, LiveStrong, or Journal of Training for motivation, fitness tips, and for help counting calories.  Find the one that works for you!

And, without further ado, I am off for my morning 5k walk/run.  You know why?  Because I’m in Training!

Get up and get going!


7 thoughts on “My New Secret Weapon

  1. Yes we do have notes all over our house, and we are in training. Today we went out for a run and Darla was looking strong, so I guess it is time to add a few miles onto our run.

    • Normally I would say, no, we are not adding more miles to our run, but since I am in training, and you are my coach, I guess I will say, “Yay!”

  2. Love this & that post-it note idea! Ya got to put yourself & your health as a priority! Schedule it in like another meeting in the day! 🙂 You may want to check out my blog tomorrow! 😉

  3. I love,” I am in training” I told myself this yesterday when I went to eat nachos (which you all know I love) and it changed my whole outlook. I made a better choice, a hot dog..haha not, I came home and had a protein shake 🙂

  4. I love your post-it notes! Great idea! When things get busy, training is the last to go or I go crazy. I’d rather be exhausted than nuts!

    I love DM for tracking my miles. It turned out to be a real motivational tool for me too – something that I hadn’t planned on. Even when I’m off in the world of electronic media, Daily Milers continue to support and encourage me.

    And I found Livestrong last night by accident – another great site.

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