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What does it mean to be married 52 years?

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad.  Here’s to many more!  Wish we could be there to toast you with a beer from the Pub!

And Because I didn’t get this card made in time (no surprise) here it is:


6 thoughts on “What does it mean to be married 52 years?

  1. What can we say besides Thank You. The card is so nice, we love it. 52 years is a long time and just look what we gained…..Three fantastic girls and great son-in-laws, besides a lot of Grandchildren and great ones also.

    We love you all and again Thank You. MOM and DAD
    By the way the pics are so funny. Even I have a hard time believing we looked like that…

    • I think your recent picture looks as good as the older one – the only difference — your hair is bigger in the older one and dad’s is longer! Love you two a ton!

  2. Happy anniversary mom and dad!!! We love you guys and I thought that was a picture of Jimmy in the photo, because of dad’s long hair. 52 big ones this is impressive, just don’t yell at dad when he is driving and you will make it to 53..hahahah

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