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It’s Time to Walk!

It’s official…this year’s Walk for Farm Animals is on!

Last year Jimmy and I participated in our city’s Farm Santuary Walk for Farm Animals – and we loved it.  It felt good to be walking and raising money for a cause that is so near and dear to our hearts.

This year we are Walk Co-Coordinators with Lisa Rimmert (she did an absolutely awesome job last year of organizing the walk) and we are over the moon with excitement about the opportunity to help organize this event in St. Louis.

We ALL now have another chance to do something good for the world. You can join a team, start a team, or do a virtual walk to help raise money for abused farm animals.  Click here to find a walk in your area.  This year’s Walk for Animal theme is Compassion for All!  Now who doesn’t want compassion for all?

Are you ready to make a difference? 

Join a walk in your city now and let’s work together for a more compassionate and loving world…one walk and one animal at a time.

This year’s Walk Spokesperson has not yet been announced, but as soon as we know we will let you know (if you remember last year’s spokesperson was Bob Harper – I just love Bob!). 

Until the announcement for this year is made here are the animal ambassadors for the Walk: Eva, Blitzen, Georgia, Nikki, Ian, Apollo.   Can you guess which one is which?  Click on their pictures to see if you guessed right and read their stories.  You can join one of their teams for the Walk.  I love it!

What a great way to start off a Meatless Monday — One Love, y’all.


5 thoughts on “It’s Time to Walk!

  1. I always love how you live what you write!!! I will check out the pics & names later after sleep – 7 grandkids in town so I am on 1.5 hours of sleep, got to the gym & now back for some sleep!

  2. You two are amazing!! No time, but always keep on giving! We will check out the walk in our area 🙂

  3. I can’t walk far, but I will at least think about all the animals you guys are saving. you two are like everyone says…amazing.

  4. I’m so glad that you two were able to get directly involved in this cause because it is so dear to your hearts. They are lucky to have you.
    I didn’t get a single name right.

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