Inperspire / Natalie Dee

Today’s Post is Short and Sweet


If you haven’t noticed yet…I’ve got the fever…the summertime fever…honestly, all I want to do is play!  Alas, I still have to work , so I thought I would simplify our blog (lives) for a while.

I will post a few times a week on whatever strikes my fancy: new workout trends, recipes, Meatless Monday, Walk for Farm Animal updates, etc., but there will be no comments required (I want to simplify your life too — I’m all about takin’ it easy these days). 

You can still contact me/us (see the new Contact Us tab just below the header) if you have questions or need anything.  We are only a “send” button away!

So…Happy Summer & Happy Meatless Monday (if you are going to any state fairs today, be sure to go meatless which most likely means you will be eating Funnel Cake – one of nature’s not so natural, but truly delicious foods).