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Breakfast with Bob

I don’t know why, but Bob’s “Fit Food Oatmeal” just looks SO good and it certainly is good for us!  Enjoy!

Have a Healthful and Happy Tuesday!

P.S.  Yesterday I was thinking it would be less pressure for everyone if there wasn’t a place to comment, but then several people said they like the option, so in my efforts to go with the flow (and change my  mind frequently and randomly) comments are back on!

6 thoughts on “Breakfast with Bob

  1. It does look really good. I think I would add a little whip cream on it….NOT REALLY. It would give me the energy to get a few more things done around here.

    Although I don’t comment on some days, I love to read everyone comments, so glad you decided to put it back on. We all appreciate all you do Darla.


    • I’m thinking no whip cream – I think you may have only been half-kidding :). I brought the comments back just for you because it’s fun to read what’s on your mind!

  2. Looks yummy! I prefer Trader Joe’s Steel Cut Oatmeal, it seems a bit healthier than Quaker Oats but this could be in my own mind 🙂

    • I actually had TJ’s steel cut oatmeal this morning (we didn’t have apples so I have to wait to make Bob’s recipe) and it’s funny but I feel so much better having eaten this healthy oatmeal.

  3. I listened to a an interview with Jane McClaren, author of Honest Eating, on NPR this afternoon. She is so straight forward and made some great points about the importance of fueling our bodies so that we can live good lives. I will write a post about it later this week – but her comments echo Bob’s.

  4. Yum! And, I’m glad you added comments too, by the way. Sometimes it’s nice just having the option to put in our two cents worth.

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